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Film Production by Hoofta. Features, Shorts, Music Videos, Corporate, Promotional, and more

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Welcome to Hoofta Productions - Central Florida’s equipment supplier for the independent filmmaker. We can help you on all levels of your next production and fully equip you for your independent shoot.

We strive to entertain and enlighten through different media and communication tools while maintaining moral values and still pushing the envelope of today's standards toward new concepts of entertainment and education.

Hoofta Productions at a nigh shoot



Production Company in Orlando, Florida

Marc Shapins on IMDB

Marc is the owner of Hoofta Productions and is the all around guru of the company. Starting out being a"one-man-band" in the video world, Marc has focused in on his directing, editing and camera work as well as a little producing here and there.




Production hair, makeup, and wardrobe by Amber Shapins

Amber is Hoofta Productions business manager. Not only does she keep us all in line, she is also an exceptional producer and camera operator. When something needs to be scheduled, budgeted, organized, or cleaned Amber has it all completed before you finished asking her.

Oh you thought we were done. Amber is also the head of our hair, make-up and wardrobe departments....Can you blame us?



Production Company in Orlando, Florida

Kevin Holland on IMDB

Kevin is our country boy. He joined Hoofta Productions in 2006 not long after he made his move from Tennessee to Orlando. He brought with him exceptional post-production and graphic skills very quickly making him a valued, integral team member. Like everyone else, he knows his way around a camera too.




Services: We offer the means and the materials for film productions, TV shows, promotion and corporate videos as well as graphic design and printing.  If you need:

Assistant Director
Apple Certified Editors
Adobe Graphic Designers
And more, give us a call in Florida or, now in Tennessee.


Independent film production services in Central Florida


"Marc Shapins and Hoofta Productions have been an integral part of several pieces we have produced. Being that we are a smaller company, we don't always have big budgets to work with and Marc has always given us a fair price on rentals, labor, and his professional skills.

Hoofta Productions is definitely a resource that we value and will continually use, and Marc is as knowledgeable as he is likable."

- Jay Welker, United Digital


"Marc is easy to get along with, has incredibly creative ideas, is an excellent communicator and an outstanding technician. I recommend him highly as a camera operator, director, writer, DP and producer. He has a can-do, optimistic attitude that makes any delay or challenge easy to handle and overcome. Marc also has a deeply spiritual nature, which keeps him grounded, centered and positive.

I hope he will be on ALL of my future projects because he is such a joy to work with!"

- Dr. Linda Durre, Dreams Come True Enterprises, LLC


"Hoofta Productions is the epitome of fast, flexible, and professional service with a can do, no worries attitude. I’ve worked with rental houses from New York City to London and Prague, and to date working with Marc Shapins at Hoofta Productions was the smoothest and friendliest rental experience I’ve ever encountered.

Now, if I ever need anything from equipment to crew referrals or even just to get another creative point of view on a project, Marc’s the first person I’d call."

- Emma Mason Heald, Freeland Filmmaker


Central Florida's equipment supplier for the independent filmmaker

Camera supplies central Florida

Camera Equipment: Cameras, Tripods, Lenses, Jibs, Slates, and more

Central Florida sound equipment

Sound Equipment: Mixers, Wireless Lavalier Microphones, Headphones, Boom Mics, etc.

Electric film lighting supply in Orlando

Electric Equipment: Arri Lights, Wires, DV Creator Kit, Extension Cords, etc.

Florida film production equipment

Grip Equipment: Clamps, Sandbags, Dollies, Flags, Nets, etc

Miscellaneous film production equipment for the Florida filmmaker

Misc Equipment: Fog Machines, Ladders, Director's Chairs, Tarps, Furniture Pads, etc


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Director and Editor Marc Shapins in Florida

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